Episode #24 Finding the Song of your True Name of Light

Beloved Star of Worlds,

So beyond beautiful this moon the transit into the Elven Oaken Grove of Elayshianora, that overlights this moon in Elven Aurora. It is very powerful to make the shift of this alignment, as these are the lands and grove star-seeded by the golden, white starlight Elven of Efalianon Efalon, my own direct Elven and Light Lineage and remembrance, 7th Dimensional Earth realms of Orielle that have not been fully physical and accessible as they are now, in all this last aeon.

I would love to invite you to stand in the Golden Elven Oak Grove, to meet these beautiful Trees of Light ~ their fawn and tawny, oaken gold leaves, their quality of strength.

And in Immortal Star Pod #24 ~ Finding the Song of your True Name of Light ~ they wish to transfer this beautiful strength of knowing our True Name, of hearing it in the language of light in our Homeworld.

As ever more, we walk this earth, not in a question mark about who we are, but in a clarity of vibrational and alignment and knowing

This is a heavenly light language transmission ~ take a moment of stillness to receive ~ may it bless your path of the earth and stars. Receive your True and Holy Name of Light ~ and its sacred Elder Sigil and Sign in the Language of Light!

With Infinite, Shining Love



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