Eleventh Glyph

Accessing your Higher Dimensional Akashic Record


'All this sits like a handful of Star Dust in our hands that we must hold close to our hearts.

It is most ordinary and most precious.

We must always return to our ordinariness because it is where holiness lives. This is where we find the true track and imprint of our spiritual development.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



Dusky peach, softest flames and dim golds flare within the heart of the Celestial Peach Flame, and the Eleventh Glyph of the Silver Wheel, that is an inter-dimensional star gate of Andromeda. 

This glyph speaks of the wisdom of the ordinary, the sacred ground of your everyday existence. For here, as the words of the teachings say, holiness lies. Herein is the track and imprint of your true spiritual development. 

The wild flame of remembrance often flows from the ordinary and solitary moments of our lives, in moments of quiet listening with the earth. And as far and beautiful as this remembrance can feel, it is that which flowers at the heart of the present moment. It is closest to us, and most ordinary, as elusive as language and comprehension can be as we integrate this

And this integration with ordinary consciousness, and with the ground of your existence is the destination of this remembrance. It shall recode every facet of life, flowing through into every physical and emotional structure that composes your existence

You are called to consecrate the stardust ground of the ordinary ~ bringing sacredness to the everyday ground of existence.

This Elder code attunes you to the wisdom of the Deer Elder, who carries the pouch of stardust, gathered through moon after moon of walking the earth with grace and balance. 

This stardust consecrates and blesses the ground of your ordinary existence, bringing it into alignment with your spiritual essence.

In the Elder Light of Lemuria and the ages before, you knew the starlight ancestry of the earth, you knew where she came from. You knew that earth is created and dreamt amongst the stars. 

She is composed of ascending and descending spirals of creation, as immortal luminance crystallizes into starlight, into stardust, and as the stardust of the physical world blossoms beyond itself, releasing back into starlight and immortal luminance. 

Back and forth, these spirals of creation and re-creation, and this is the wisdom of Lemuria, and of the one within you who has walked upon earth long since.

The stardust of the physical, ordinary self needs to be honoured and loved; its tempo and gathered wisdom attended to ~ that which comes through experience, moon after moon, year after year, lifetime after lifetime.

One of the mysterious and beautiful aspects of ascension, is that as the veils dissolve and frequency rises, we are accessing our own individual akashic record of the soul. This is your ‘wisdom of experience’ that extends vastly beyond this lifetime. It is a time to activate ancient gifts and knowledge for the future Dawn of the New Earth


This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Peach Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Andromeda


Animal Elder Guardian

White Reindeer

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