Eighth Glyph

Wisdom of Miraculous, Infinite Earth


'You shall no longer be enclosed by the walls of three-dimensional reality.

You shall always be looking out on a vastly greater horizon.

As though existing against the backdrop of the Universe itself, all the vast distances of time and space.

This is an Earth that is not enclosed by itself, it is not a hermetically sealed experience, but one that shares a vanishing point with Space itself.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



Mystic, gentle tones of Aquamarine, of faded turquoise, the citadels and corridors of Light of an infinite earth. This glyph attunes you to inner spaciousness ~ beyond the illusion of three-dimensional reality 

The guardian of this glyph is Grandmother Turtle, who holds the wisdom of the spaciousness and inner star worlds of Mother Earth ~ the foundation of an oceanic, inner space that enables her invisible dimensions to come forth in an endless dance of beauty. 

It enables you to release the three-dimensional illusion from your cellular body, recalibrating your physical awareness and experience. You release limited notions of time and space, the compression and feeling of ‘not enough’. 

This can be a sense of not being enough, or not having enough, and being caught in patterns of survival in order to generate resources and security. 

These patterns often come from trauma and record of cataclysm, from the greater timeline of the ending of the Great Ages when much was lost. The soul, during times of trauma, has the power to fragment in order to protect itself, and the ethereal or higher energies disconnect from physical experience. This fragmented state can leave us feeling alternately either fragile and ungrounded, or locked into density that is without ‘magic’. 

It brings the sense of earth as inherently a place where the star of the soul is forced to fragment, where the mystic beauty of the higher realms is unable to fully exist, and where struggle and scarcity rule. Thus is born the illusion of a solely 3D or material earth

This is the time of Great Return. As you heal these memories, you begin to be here without fragmentation, and piece by piece the star of your soul returns

With the return of your Soul, you cease to experience ‘not enough’, and instead magical serendipity, abundance and miracles begin to occur in your physical reality. 

For it is this that the earth calls for ~ the arrival of the True Star of your Soul ~ and then she can meet you a thousandfold, with abundance and Love. A miraculous reality begins to activate around you.

You return to the inter-dimensional, infinite reality of earth ~ landing on the back of Grandmother Turtle, whose shell rises out of the ocean ~ another earth, a New Earth

You become able, increasingly, to embody the strength of a profound gentleness, for you are in a genuine state of trust. The Ways of the Shining Ones open up within and around, the reunion of realms, the star ways of an ancient and future peace

And you discover that in the simplicity of your soul's blueprint, you are enough and always have been 


This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Aquamarine Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Altair


Animal Elder Guardian


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