Elven White Lion Galactic Stargate 8.8.20

Here is the REPLAY of our journey to the Realm of the Sun and the Stellar Dimension of Sirius, to receive the codes of Royal Starlight Lineage as a Shining One, and the initiation of the Star Creator. This was a BEYOND BEAUTIFUL journey!!!

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Lionsgate 8.8.20 Journey

We are becoming the People of Remembering, the People of the Stars.

Everything is altering, forever

You have felt them coming, these great wings of feathered gold, of a natural and native and wild power

For long this has been building, as with every portal of the Sun, you become more yourself

And you are coming to a threshold

*** At this Galactic Gateway of 8.8.20 we are met by the Elven and White Lion Elders, ancient Founder lineages of earth, the Guardian races of the Elder Light***

Who hold a sacred portal for our transformation, a magical journey of light

They stand either side of this Galactic Stargate of White Gold and Sapphire, of the Sun as it enters the constellation of Leo, and the ancient sapphire stargate to Sirius within the realm of the sun

It is a cosmic and ancient Stargate, that arrives each year at this time

It is a portal of Elder Light to travel through, to another existence, a parallel ground, a dimensional shift

An initiation to awaken as a Star Creator

Freeing your power to create, to dream your sacred reality into being

Activating the royal and sovereign codes of your Soul

Liberating your Immortal Starlight lineage

In an initiation in November 2017, Timbavati, South Africa, with the White Lions who are incarnate now, I saw them meeting, as at Rivendell, under an ancient and immortal sky, the Elven and Star Lions, the Lion Elders.

The Lion Elder is clad in turquoise and lapis lazuli, shining like the Sun. Together in a union of beautiful Solar consciousness, brow to brow, there is a meeting of radiance.

I see the Elven One with a palm outstretched, upturned in the forest air. And from that palm, out of nothing, comes a flower. A physical blossom.

A new/timeless reality is created

This is what the Leonine Elders and the Elven Ones would have us remember. How to become a Star Creator of new/ancient realities, in harmony with the cosmos

The exquisite sensitivity and powerful Inner Star, invisible Star, that guides

To awaken from dormancy, to be liberated from the old dominion and fears

Leonine, turquoise and lapis lazuli, her far-reaching gaze and solar, crystalline star consciousness. Source creation consciousness, in reverence and love for all of life

The Elven Ones and the Star Lions both wish for us to know that we are angels walking the earth. They wish us to remember that we are miraculous dreamers from the stars, and to dissolve all the false limitations and self-images we hold, and rise up to stand beside them as sacred guardians of Creation. To shake off our forgetfulness and hiddenness

They are forerunners of what we are becoming. Of the sacred metamorphosis we are undergoing and the new energetic paradigm we are entering

We are star souls who have lived many lives in many dimensions, and we are metamorphosing into multi-dimensional, inter-dimensional presence, letting go of the shadow dance that has held us bound

I see the Elven One handing the Lion Elder the flower ~ the blossom of exquisitely delicate rose and gold colour, opened to an emerald centre. This flower’s petals are spinning, whirling, the activation of a Stargate and its ancient wisdom

It is time to step through this Galactic Stargate

It is time to liberate the parts of ourselves that are furthest from freedom, and have come to fear it, so long and deep is their conditioning. The rulership from without is deeply internalised. Releasing the bindings of socialisation, the subtle imprint, the long dominion and handing over of the freedom of choice, of dreaming power, of responsibility. 

It is time more than ever to dream your sacred reality into being

I am offering that we come together in a Great Prayer of White Gold And Sapphire

To pass through the Elven White Lion Galactic Stargate

An Online Live Journey this Saturday, August 8th @ 7pm (UK time)

It is time to ground the far starlight, the magic that has so long been out of reach. It is time to cross the threshold

To lift your wings of gold, the power of the dreamer within

This is a most sacred and beautiful portal, I am so honoured to hold

With Infinite Elfin Love

Elen Elenna