Receive the White Starlight Healing of the Elven Ones for your ascension into Oversoul, Immortal Starlight Presence


This White Starlight healing of the Elven Ones summons your Oversoul, Immortal Star Presence into embodiment for a New Dawn on Earth


This is the Star of the Heart, the Immortal Starlight that encompasses your higher/ancient/future dimensional aspects ~ ancient, Lemurian, Elven, Stellar, Galactic, Elder, Angelic, Elemental ~ returning for a New Dawn. It is the First Light of the Soul arising from Source, as Source, that holds the wisdom of dwelling in Oneness with the Heart of Creation, in a state of parallel worlds, multi-dimensionality. It is the return or ascent into the fifth-dimension and beyond, that is the state of reunification with who you truly are, and have always been. For we are living in a time when this Immortal Light, this Source Consciousness is being awoken within us, and within the realms of nature. We are remembering our Elder Light/Creator aspects, and the greater timeline of our souls. This is taking place in a process of purification, a lifting of the veils and inner reunion, bringing about ascension and return to a parallel and higher-dimensional earth.


Like a great tree that has been through a winter that seemed never-ending, there is now this call of a New Dawn, and the greater blossoming of the Soul. Realms that have come to seem remote, otherworldly, separate, are now awakening within. So much remembrance flows through on the wings of this awakening ~ initiations into another way of being that is known deep within.


It is the Elven Starlight radiance, and it is your own lost radiance that you so deeply know and remember.


White Starlight Healing supports the release of all that binds you to the old paradigm ~ the seals and blocks and limitations of the last aeon. For many of us it is many lifetimes since we have embodied such a powerful radiance upon the Earth, and walked as the true Shining Ones and Angelic Elders that we are. There are blocks and fears, traumas and karmic imprints that create a separation between our Immortal Starlight, our ascended and otherworldly grace, and this NOW moment. More and more remembrance is flowing in, and we are ready to become whole again, and completely ourselves as never before. 


Enter the White Starlight Temple of the Elven Ones…


You are arriving at a far Elven temple. It is far in the forest, a grove of white tree with golden leaves. You draw closer, and inlaid in the forest floor, you perceive a pattern of a thousand thousand white starlight gems, forming the luminous architecture of the Flower of Life. You know that you have reached somewhere faraway, a place of remembrance. Clad in robes of softest white starlight, the Elven Elders of the White Starlight Temple come to you from amongst the trees, welcoming you into the Grove. They gesture that you step forward, and make your way into the centre of the Flower of Life mandala. You step into it, and the pattern formed of a thousand thousand white starlight gems begins to glow all around you. This realm glows into presence all around you, and begins to transmit a state of ancient remembrance. You sit at the heart of the mandala, and surrender to the Light


Interwoven with the White Starlight are the Glyphs of the Silver Wheel. Ancient stellar and Elven codes of great purity, they hold the original pattern of divine oversoul embodiment on earth. They were long since dreamt in the star realms beyond, celestial designs that underlie the possibility for divine oversoul embodiment, for heaven on earth. They inter-weave themselves through a White Starlight healing, like silver ciphers descending to awaken your Oversoul embodiment, calling all that you are to awaken and return.


Elen channels this through shamanic drum and the Elven Starlight language and song of the stars. It is profoundly transformative, core vibrational healing, facilitating the release of that which is no longer needed, and the soul retrieval/return of far aspects for your ascension.


This portal into the Elven realms, into the ascended star realms of the Earth, calls you to become grounded in the Immortal Star of your Heart, and evokes a vibrational shift into your Dawn Star embodiment


Step into the Star of your Heart, become the Dawn!



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♢ This is a 90 minute healing via Zoom or as Distance session with written transcript 

♢All you need in preparation is good quality headphones/speakers and a quiet/uninterrupted space

♢ Times of sessions are 10am or 4pm (UK time)

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Many of us are remembering that we have walked the earth in a state of higher consciousness and connection before


We are receiving memories of earlier existences on earth, of wisdom and gifts that we hold from a time before.


These memories are coming into visibility once more, bringing a new and beautiful way of being on the earth, linked to ancient grace. 


Through the overtones and harmonics of the Elven language of the stars, and the sounding of shamanic drum, Elen calls to the awakening of these gifts and soul qualities. The Elven Ones and Star Elders summon you into a new phase, where you have access to this remembrance, so that you can gift your wisdom in a Dawn of Peace on earth.


For many of us it is lifetimes since we have remembered the great Elder Ages of the Earth, of Atlantis, Lemuria and before. There has been a long era of silence and invisibility, as the veils of forgetfulness have fallen. Yet it is now a time of remembrance, as a New Cycle of Light arrives on earth, and we are able to access and integrate that which came before, and the wisdom and gifts we held. We are ready to become whole again, and completely ourselves.


An Elven soul reading unlocks the seals to remembrance, clearing inhibitions to this level of inner radiance and remembrance. The Elven Ones summon you into a new dimensional existence, re-weaving your energy signature so that you shine as a Star of the Dawn, fulfilling the destiny so long ago begun.


Following the Elven starlight sounding, Elen will share what she has seen, with visions and guidance gifted by the Elven Ones and the Silver Wheel Oracle Cards


Elen works with the Glyphs of the Silver Wheel, that are the codes of the New Earth, and that activate and deeply expand us. Gifted by the Elven Elders of Lemuria, these are tools of awakening. They inter-weave themselves through an Elven Soul reading, like silver ciphers descending to awaken your remembrance and reactivate your gifts.


Remember who you are with the Elven Ones!


If you are wondering whether to book a White Starlight Healing or an Elven Soul Reading, do know that the same higher dimensional energies flow through both. While one holds emphasis on healing, and the other on information/soul channelling, they are both guided by that which most supports your ascension at this time. And one may become the other, if that is what is most truly needed at the time, as guided by your Divine Self, the Elven and Star Elders. So follow your heart, book the one that draws you, and know that the Mystery will bring through that which you most truly need

To Book a Reading

♢ This is a 90 minute reading via Zoom or as Distance session with written transcript 

♢All you need in preparation is good quality headphones/speakers and a quiet/uninterrupted space

♢ Times of sessions are 10am or 4pm (UK time)

♢ Click below to find date/time availability and to book

Investment: £222

I Would Love an Elven Soul Reading



“This is such a heartfelt thank you to a truly beautiful, shining and pure soul. Elen your gentle yet very powerful ability to hold Sacred space for our reconnection and remembering of who we are is profound. No words can truly capture the magnificence of your gifts to the world. All I can say is thank you dear one, thank you.”


~ Isobel, Scotland


“Oh!! WOW!!! dear Elen, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart. “


~ Anne-Lise, Norway


“Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to experience the magic of life…real magic…and have never really felt like I come from this planet. Through Elen I’m beginning to experience this Elven magic and recognise that I’m deeply connected to this star realm…at last I feel I’m coming home.’


~ Francesca, Wales


“Elen is a deeply inspired and inspiring spiritual teacher and healer. She works with a grace and compassionate wisdom that enable profound transformations to happen. The purity, light and shimmering strength of her presence show how she is embodying in herself what she shares with others. It is a deeply joyful experience to be with her, and with the exquisite energies of the Silver Wheel teachings which she transmits with such radiance and blessing.:


~ Rev Dr Clare Tompson