White Lions of Timbavati 2017

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Night of Ingwavuma

Monday, 6th November, 2017

Timbavati, South Africa


dusk beside the watering hole

the young cub capers around his mother and aunt, Khanezi and Khanesa

a dusty clearing in the trees

his soft tawny presence


later, it is lightning and stars, the roars of the distant lions

We had received the tenth glyph, the Golden Flame of the Everlasting Stars, under the trees, in the place where the golden moth lay. Releasing the beauty of the tree planting, of the White Apple, to rest and quest once more in the illuminations of the Dawn, returning to pure perception

exquisite transmissions and song tumbling through, messages spoken, drum and bell

and we sang in the dusk, as the light faded, and lionesses paced around us and laid themselves around our truck in the dusk. And capering, playing, coming ever closer, is the lion cub Ingwavuma

and I slipped into trance, falling deep within, pulled on a cord of light to an encounter, to the alliance foretold, with Ingwavuma, angelic lion of the Dawn, of the one bearing the Dawn contract

to stand before him, clad in the golden Elfin robes, in my full heart, and majesty

with the Elven staff

bowing into deep communion with one another

as the light fades, as the deep blues of the sky begin to reveal the stars

and as I cross over into that encounter, lightning begins to flicker in the skies and the male lions Letaba and Regeus begin to roar and call in the distance. It is the fulfilment of the prophecy

His Leonine, otherworldly form, utterly graceful, in robes of flowing white, meeting, a column of white

brow to brow, star to star, in a silent majesty of communion

this the infinitely beautiful beginning of new worlds

of great hearts colliding

of lightning pouring through my body, in rivers, of a transmission received in wave after wave

and he hands over a silver key long held and kept here in this land

And Madeleine beside me is holding my hand and murmuring in rivers of star language, of a Lyran song pouring down in silvery white filament codes through her

holding my hand, making it possible to cross over, to disappear

to vanish into the encounter that has been foretold

handling the majesty and awesome power inherent to existence, inherent to becoming ourselves

I close my eyes under the African night, here upon the star ground of Timbavati

and travel into the celestial encounter

the silver key unlocks the gates ~ silver wrought Elven gates within the land ~ wrought by the first star peoples, as a link to the great cycles and forges of the Dawn, places where the gold is born and crafted ~ the gold, the physical gold created by a Golden Era, when there is the harmonic convergence of worlds, of realms

unlocking the great wrought Elven gates within the land, silvery, deep beneath

of the parallel worlds that have been hindered in their stepping through, their passing through

to the higher celestial spheres, that older universe of Light to which our future tends

unleashing its flames, the Celestial, Cosmic Flames like living furnaces of the Dawn, great forges coming to light and life

where new realms are forged, where the earth arises again as a Shining Star

here the rivers of molten gold flow through under Dawn flames and frequencies, the arising of celestial suns, their light cresting the horizon

deep within the earth, this comes to pass

higher starlight of the Elven stars and of Lyran illuminations

rose, silver, gold, white-gold, emerald, sapphire, ruby-star, violet, aquamarine, magenta, peach, opal, diamond

again and again the cadences pour and the celestial song begins

it appears

the Morningstar Temple within the earth ~ a new cycle of Creation ~ pouring through with celestial song and music

and at the surface, the Star Travellers begin to sing. Sitting in the vehicle, under the stars and the lightning, with the lionesses ranged around the vehicle, lying across the track and preventing our passage ~ the Star Travellers begin to sing, and to channel through the exquisite celestial song, the archangelic song of their hearts that has called them to Timbavati and the White Lions ~

they sing to Ingwavuma, they sing the incoming starlight from the Everlasting stars ~ each one a flickering flame and colour

it is as though the earth begins again in ancient starlight

bound by the ancient angel hearts that have so long loved her, and now call her forth

it was a cosmic galactic celestial new beginning, one of those point when the cadences of the Dawn deepen and wave through

a cresting portal

the Dawn is composed of ever deepening and spiralling waves

all in the transmutation of the planetary reality

we are the dancers of the Dawn, the dancers of the light who know how to do this

how do we live with such destiny, such purpose, how do we understand ourselves

every so often one act links up a high number of pre-existing layers, and that act will have a vast ripple, or be a signature turning point for the collective dreaming

i have to touch the golden fabric of my soul, the Far-bringer, and let her speak

the joy of artists, musicians, working upon one vast symphonic creation

this is a rare harmonic convergence of New Dawn consciousness, an alignment of worlds

by bringing the celestial template of the Silver Wheel back to Timbavati, from where so long ago it had been taken, to be protected ~ removed and taken elsewhere, withdrawn

Silver Wheel is the template for Star soul, Oversoul embodiment on earth ~ it is the record of a high order of harmonic and subtle design that is the vibrational signature for heaven on earth

it is the signature of our remembrance of this embodiment in times past, and it is the signature for our present ascension and future creations at this level of consciousness

it inspires us to speak in the language that has long remained unspoken, and it causes us to reveal the aspects of ourselves that have long remained hidden

It is linked with the ancient star ground of Timbavati, on the meridian of the Golden Ley Line, of Zep Tepi and First Time

the twelve heavenly pillars are restored, the swirling flames of a Starflower that is seen all across the universe, whose beacon lit, sends the signal that we are ready

the beacons go up in all the interlinking suns, the interlinking stars

the Elven horns sound, declaring that the temple shall be protected, that we shall continue to guardian and protect this new creation

linked with the river of gold, the furnaces of elemental creation are lit once more, kindled

these finer realms of gold shall flow with the heavenly starlights

the river of gold is the conductor

linking starlight creation with earth

gradually the worlds link together once more in their new order, and my attention gradually fuses to the present

our song grows silent ~ it is done

it ripples out to the land, rippling into the places where the suffering is still densely held ~ it is a thunderous wave ~ and one of the Star Travellers sobs as the land releases a tidal wave of grief

and still the lionesses and the cub Ingwavuma attend us

we drive back ~ fireflies, lightning, a full moon rising, orange over the horizon, glowing amongst the trees as though resting on the ground, an illumined tent camped in the wilderness

paying homage to the father lions, Letaba & Regeus as we go

and a shooting star

as we return to camp




Elvenstar Star Traveller retreat to be with the White Lions of Timbavati, 2017


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