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Silver Moon Lunar Eclipse

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2020

Blessings of the Full Silver Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ like a fiery, silvery lantern, a lamp of new silvers, far light

When this far lamp is lit, you alter worlds ~ and the silver lamp of the Immortal Starlight, the Elder dimension that you hold is now being called forth

White silver, dusky, the lanterns glow upon the river of return, the river of remembrance

One to another, our music summons one another, a vibration that is a movement into a New Dawn

We have travelled far, and there is still further to go, but the celestial music is building like a summoning between us

Great, silver wings break forth

Arching, of a different light

This is a different time

Rebel, wild, mysterious soul

For the untamed wild light of love and peace that is without dominion by any other is lighting within

And its moonlit, moon glow depths are untrammelled, uncharted as though you walked to silver opals kept so far away and precious, beyond dawns and infinite leaps, until such time as you were ready to reclaim and don them

Your own moon glow opals of a wild fire and love, silvery white

Treasures beyond imagining

Perhaps we had given up that such a time would ever come, yet it is here

And the Elder Immortal Starlight of a silver fire glow way of Peace, wild and of nothingness and pure Light

Those treasures far, lying in your hand, as you stoop in the far forest to pick them up

You have come now to the far glade where they are

Overlit by arching trees of gold and silver, emerald stems

Pendant leaves shimmering on the winds of Elder Light

This part shall be only yours to know

There is no guide

No template

You can imitate nothing now

The silver ways of sentience, of the wild song and firelight, of stars and moons

Do you remember what you left behind before the winds of aspiration, the search and the quest carried you along

For that is the place that you come to

You always knew you would return

To a lost song of starlight, a song that you made that you cannot explain

This is the silver light of the language of Light, this is the language of the Stars, of the Old Ways

You already knew

You are a golden galactic butterfly extending her silken wings into the cosmos

The body of an ancient and timeless sentience and belonging

To dwell in a deeper listening to the Immortal Starlight reality. To the Elder Light

To give voice to this language of the stars

And to be heard

This is yours

With Elfin, Infinite Love

Elen Elenna


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