Ostara Moon 2018

Blessings of this Ostara Full Moon…. a portal of rose, silver, gold, a mystical shift point, a New Reality once more gifted

Old rose doorways, with sigils written in the shadowy stone speak of this time of awakening. They are long since sealed with the old seals, set for this time and this arrival from the stars of the new instructions of the Dawn. When we become ready, we connect these doorways to the Dawn frequencies and we awaken once more the Old Ways of Peace on Earth. Rose shadows, rose seals, billow with the awakening sapphire breath of remembrance. All that is stored and held within begins to be accessed. There is a sediment that has gathered from the long dormancy ~ the stillness and inertia of a long, long hiddenness. Yet still, the call is too deep, perpetual, powerful and all-encompassing not to be answered

We knew this time would come. For so long we have prepared, for so long we have waited ~ holding that knowledge of the coming Dawn ~ the celestial rays of a Cosmic awakening, a Great Sunrise that would illumine the lost portals of an inter-dimensional Earth.

Softly, guardians, and with courage, we make our way to the Great Star Nodes of Earth ~ the landed inter-stellar citadels of a timeless era whose flowerings shall always come again

These are Earth’s great inter-stellar portals of mountain, forest and water. Here are the memories, the encodements, the highways of the Old Ones, the People of Peace ~ and now conditions become right for them to re-open. The rock is throwing off her winter of aeons, her long sleep when the ancient codes stilled in their dance and grew quiet ~ passing into a grey invisibility. Few heard their vanished music or knew the star passages held in stone. Now we are are travellers once more, beginning to find the freedom of passing between realms, dimensions, that are all one and always were. Earth’s precious design, the star of her heart, holds it so.

This is the Sapphire Moon of Ostara, the sapphire moon of the First Remembrance, First Light, First Radiance. Here are the starlight waters of the beginning.

In the beginning, all is water, all is starlight.

Here Avalon first arose, one of the earliest worlds of the Earth, as the star kindred arrived in their barges and starships, drawn to her Celestial Presence, to the beginning of a new realm. Her dreaming unique, exquisite. Under the stars, their arrivals. They arrived to the waters, landing and then waiting in stillness.

They held their protocols, their agreements for Creation, woven and charted by aeons of wise existence in other realms. They were Old Souls, Star Kindred, long-awakened and grown to Peace. And within their starships were the elemental light creation codes for new realms of existence, holding pathways to their original worlds.

They stilled, their spheres listening for the sapphire song of Earth’s destiny.

They listened for the arrival of the other Star Kindred, those other starry ones called to forge the Foundational Realms of this new world. For they had gathered long since amongst the stars ~ a great and beautiful Council of Elder Souls, who felt the dimensional arising, the calling of the Celestial, inter-dimensional Earth.

In their many starships, like celestial barges, or winged flowers, they gathered. Each listened for their role in this new realm, heard and felt as an exquisite new harmonic of their wise existence, summoned forth by Spirit.

There was careful timing in the aeons of their arrival to earth; a creational procession that forged the balance of a new dimensional, elemental reality.

And eventually the starships began to blossom in the waters, like great flowers opening their petals. Like a Swan’s Egg, shadowy immense and beautiful in the starlight, opened the starship of Avalon, of the Old Ones, the People of the Swan ~ wisdom keepers and Elder Souls of Andromeda, Cygnus, the Pleiades. Like tracking in the petals, there were points of light like gold, holding the pathways to the stars. Each flower was a citadel woven to be an exquisite and exact dimensional bridge between realities. So fine the listening of which this was made.

And so the Swan citadel of Avalon began to open its delicate highways of Light, travelling archways and bridges over the sapphire waters, linking the Elder citadels one to another, and the stars to the earth. White-feathered, the Elders raised their great galactic song ~ linking universes and realms in a Great Agreement of Peace and Light.

This is so deeply written, so deeply interfused, so carefully wrought, it can never be unmade, and to its song, Earth always shall return. Only by its fulfilment in the Heart of the Mystery shall it be done with. And so its beautiful dictates still are written, their star lines sending forth great cadences that alter everything, over and over again.

And so it is that Avalon re-creates the heart of Earth, more deeply woven of her than any other realm before or since. From Avalon are sent forth the dreaming spires of a listening that extends to the voices of the whole Council. Here the edicts of the People of Peace are held, here they come together once more to re-forge their agreements. And so many shall come to Avalon, for it is time, and the seal is lifted upon the White Feathered Citadel ~ this inter-galactic starship so long landed and woven with Earth.

I walk and run in the sunrise mountains of the Pyrenees ~ wild white violets and deer, blue jays and the bare winter forest under snowy peaks. With wonder I witness the awakening and wisdom of this distant Elder citadel, as I carry the Sapphire ceremonies of Avalon in my heart

With Shining Love



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