Arriving In Africa 2017

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Jacaranda tree and her blossoms like a bridal veil in the afternoon shadow. Violet flowers, twisted branches and dun coloured seed pods


Fallen blossoms and dried leaves on the tiled floor. Water of the fountains


White doves, and wildflowers in the grass. Like a violet mist, a dash in the grass


Am I worthy?


Am I enough?


What wants to emerge?




The group is all present. A very tender and beautiful first sharing circle, under the falling jacaranda blossoms, with the rainbow rattle.


Such a pure and radiant calling of hearts. Powerful, poignant. We all know that this is vast, of feeling honoured, of knowing the profound calling that this trip is ~ and yet that is calling something in that does not yet exist, that has not yet arrived


And the opening circle of Silver Wheel under the trees, in a circle on the grass. Around the deerskin mandala, laid upon the ground and the seven swanfeathers and ribbons of the Celestial Flames. The birds spoke, into the Silver Wheel activations and Starflower soundings, the Elders speaking extensions with the circle. The moon in the east, half full, and the sun setting in the West. Walking in the deep sunset rays, the Soul Star, Oversoul presences, stepping into the magic, liquid gold flames. Completing and arriving, starflowers awoken, into the moonlit dusk. As though the otherworld awoken. Could feel the processional path up to the lions, the Starflower Flames and Staffs lit, ignited ~ ancient and beautiful, future globes of sapphire, white gold, rose, silver, emerald, ruby star, violet, aquamarine, magenta, gold, peach, opal and diamond.


There is a procession from here, up to Timbavati, a procession of the golden globes and lanterns, of an incipient agreement. The Lions know that we are coming. They await our arrival.


And for the ancestors, the Elders, there is a ripple of laughter, of acknowledgement. They join the starlight activations, meeting and building the delicate, timeless, powerful frequencies. It is all so subtle, so powerful, so written in the stars, as though witnessing something that has already taken place, in the far future, in another universe, and this the holographic echo.


It is, and this the paradox, exquisite and unexpected. It is a different order of the shamanic experience ~ here in Africa ~ met in a way more exquisite, delicate subtle and full that anything I expected. As though a different music than the one I had attributed ~ a more finely nuanced rainbow shawl ~ and the golden staff offered. As though sculpted out of living lava, a wrought and old Elven staff and robe of rainbow silks.


The worlds, the realms, the earth and the stars here are more finely interwoven than I had realised. The otherworldly, human and elemental realms fusing back and forth, portals opening everywhere. The many tiered, Great Mystery of the Immortal Tree of Peace ~ powerful alliances still exist.




Johannesburg, November 2017

on arriving for the Star Traveller Retreat to be with the White Lions of Timbavati


Painting by Susan Seddon Boulet


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