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Ar-Aria-Fina Elven Temple

It is beautiful to feel the spheres of Ar-Aria-Fina, the Elven Lemurian Starlight Temple, coming alive as I activate the New Solar Codes within  ~ a new phase, a new epoch emergent

The Solar Disc of the Golden Wheel begins to spin, new/ancient Solar Paths activating. I see a shimmering ocean beyond the Elven Temple, of a light not known before, an azure-aquamarine-pearlescence

And so it begins

The paths to beyond, to Lanaikea, are opening within the heart of the earth

As I light the lamps of the Temple, connecting to to the Galaxies of Lanaikea above, I connect to the earth and ask what she wishes for


Far, mysterious golden lanterns lighting all around, deep within the earth. Her immortal lights, her inner worlds

Like golden fireflies


As we light these lanterns we break through the veils of density that have held us bound, we alter the paradigm forever, the illusion shatters, and a Greater Reality is known once more

The Greater Celestial Earth is arriving now, as a blossom that could only open when the New Sun shone upon her, and we are the Temple keepers of her sacred realms, taking up our places as we always vowed we would

The firefly wings are our own

It is the time of the celestial Phoenix

The Immortal Starlight heart that is forever reborn


With Infinite, Elfin Love, 

Elen Elenna


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