Avatar Mentorship


3 Month Shamanic, Soul Star Mentorship supporting you to step into your True Beauty for the Dawn



 Avatar 3 Month Mentorship

Begins April 15th

with Elen

2 Places Available

Would you love to make a leap into Iconic, Avatar, Soul Star Presence for the Dawn ~ this is a mentorship of deep individual seership, access to your records, and assistance with major shift into your True Eternal Beauty for all the Worlds  ✨💗✨ Would you love to be deeply seen, and activate fully into your Archetypal Presence for the Dawn

In a sequence of 1-1 sessions, and small group Soul Star Channelling Circles, with the reindeer drum, and profound vibrational shamanic sounding, I shall access your Celestial, Galactic, Stellar, Far Records and Wisdom and activate your Golden, Diamond Avatar Presence for the Dawn. Clearing long-standing blocks and obstacles, and bringing through guidance and tools, both practical and mystical, for this shift into your Higher Dimensional Timeline. Perhaps there is a goal or a project, or an area in your life that you have been longing to especially bring this Unending, Quantum Divine radiance to, in which you long for a quantum, Soul Star leap for the Dawn of Worlds. I would adore to help you make this quantum leap, with gentleness and powerful grace, into your True Light and the next phase of your Destiny.

We shall access quantum, energetic change, as well as attuning to the practical expression of your Soul Star in your life. This shall be an interval of tangible shift for you, and deep relief and release from any long-standing patterns that have held you bound. I know what it is to carry a powerful gift you cannot bring yourself to give. Or to be confused about what exactly this gift is, and how this is to be given, and thus hold back when you long to go forward. I have walked the beautiful metamorphosis from this fading, hidden presence that felt it would never end, to giving my sacred gifts of inter-dimensional remembrance to this world. It is possible to experience the abiding joy and fulfilment of knowing who you are, and giving your True Gift, and living this way day to day. This is the heart of our Golden Solar Angelic, Avatar and Iconic Presence of the Dawn. There are usually deep reasons why we hold back, and in this mentorship we shall meet this at a shamanic level so that the liberation is profound and lasting. You are so beautiful and you are being called ~ you are here to Shine as a Star of this Dawn. I would be so honoured to support you with this shift!

🍁 3 Month Online Mentorship

🍁 Beginning 15th April 

🍁 Small Group 4 Places

🍁 4 x 1-1 Avatar Sessions with Elen

🍁 7 x Soul Star Channelling Circles



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1-1 Avatar Sessions x4


With shamanic reindeer drum and Elven Starlight Sounding, facilitating the quantum leap into your Diamond, Golden Avatar Presence, bringing through information, clearing long-standing blocks 3x 1hr sessions + 1 final 30min Soul Star Completion Activation

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Soul Star Channelling Circles x7


Receive the wisdom, meditations, practical, and mystical tools and guidance to stay true, receiving individual Soul Star Channelling & also benefiting from the Soul Star wisdom channelled for others Every other Wednesday on Zoom, 10am-12pm & 5pm-7pm UK time

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Beautiful Kindred Support


You will have a beautiful Avatar Temple community space in your Elven Library, to share your journey in this small, magical group of kindred souls. You will have ongoing email access to Elen for support as you anchor this beautiful new energy All Recordings and Replays will be Fully Available to you


🍁 Investment £1700

Payment Plan Available £444 x 4 Monthly 


Book a Visioning Call with Elen to discover if this is right for you. Please only book this if you know you have the resources, time & energy to commit to this. It will be a beautiful & epic journey if we go forward!

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If you have any questions about the Avatar Mentorship, please do email Elen at [email protected]

“This is such a heartfelt thank you to a truly beautiful, shining and pure soul.

Elen your gentle yet very powerful ability to hold Sacred space for our reconnection and remembering of who we are is profound. No words can truly capture the magnificence of your gifts to the world. All I can say is thank you dear one, thank you.”

~ Isobel Stamford, Fife, Scotland

“Oh!! WOW!!! dear Elen, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much, from the deepest of my heart.  My body landed on the sofa, and it started at once. Very high, soft energies all around me.

After receiving your beautiful transcribe this afternoon THANK YOU I sat down and asked for assistance to download these Dragon Pearls you wrote about. It started at once I sat for such about an hour, and it kept on downloading. Very high and beautiful energies. For a while, I could feel very powerful energies in my hands, like I can never remember to have had ever before.”

~ Anna~Lise, Norway

“Thankyou for a truly empowering and magical healing.

It is obvious that Elen has an in depth understanding of the subtleties of introducing healing into another’s life. She does this in a deeply caring, conscious and empathetic way. A mere two sessions with Elen have enabled me to completely resolve a long-standing inner conflict of mine. As a result I now feel empowered, even liberated, and have a deep sense of peace.”

~ Grace, Wales

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